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Welcome to Vintage Renude!

After decades of working in a variety of industries, I have come full circle back to what I love the most, vintage. Some of my earliest memories are of digging through my Grandma's buttons, hankies, and jewelry. To this day, I have a trunkful of her treasures. She taught me to see the beauty in everyday items made to last.

Looking for goodies, others cast off, now I can offer you the knowledge I have gained over the years and share my love of everything old.

I vow to provide honesty and trust in all my dealings with you. Everything I sell is described as accurately as possible, packed well, and shipped quickly, with great care and a smile. If you're not happy, I'm not happy.

With the world's focus on sustainability, nothing is more sustainable than reusing what we already have. Vintage items come with a built-in history. What better way to save the planet than by making one less widget and experiencing the thrill of finding something no one else has?

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